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BMR Facial Toner Day 1, August 23, 2012
By TVAddict “Mr Eeez”
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I received and used my BMR facial toner today. Judging from previous electric current facial toners, this is going to be just as good as my old toner if not better because of ease of use. This review is pretty detailed (and maybe more than you want to know), so here I go:

I am a fan of this procedure-I have used one particular brand facial toner off and on for the last 10 plus years. And IT WORKS. The only (and actually big) problem I have with my old toner is the time factor. If you have any interruption in the schedule, or there’s a large time lapse and you have to start over it can be exasperating. In order to tone the entire face and neck, I could spend upwards of an hour to complete the process (8 facial locations x 2 for each side of the face and neck @ 3- 5 min. each). My particular toner has to be used consecutively 3 to 6 months before you get to the upkeep/maintenance phase of 2 or 3 days weekly. I am unable to dedicate that much time to this process.

Enter the BMR facial toner. When I opened the box the headset unit (it actually looks like an earphone headset), battery charger, small hand control unit, and 12 sets of two gel pads were inside along with a quick reference and longer version of the instructions. Both sets of instructions have lots of pictures. I was surprised that there was not a diagram showing the face and muscles it stimulates. Most of the information consisted of warning who should not use it, trouble shooting the unit, how long the warranty is, where to contact if problems, and where to order additional gel pads (you will need these so get ready for the additional expense). The website (definitely hit the website if you’re serious about this product) has much more information; it also has detailed videos and answers questions pertaining to the procedure. But it also struck me as a long and well-crafted sales pitch.

I proceeded to charge my unit (for a minimum of three hours). One downside is that there is no adaptor-you have to charge the handheld unit and that means you will eventually have to replace the rechargeable battery (another expense). The headset requires two gel pads (one each side) and they will last for five applications (1 week of application = five days on, 2 days off).When the unit was ready, I pulled my hair back in a ponytail and placed the headset around my head and each pad under each cheekbone (of my already cleansed face). There are a lot of pictures showing you how to and especially how NOT to position the headset-it should be quite easy for everyone to follow. When I finally had it in place and ready to plug the handset into it, I noticed how tight the headset is. It is tight-and I have a small head/face. Its made of hard plastic so I’m not sure just how flexible it would be for…big heads.

Next I turned on the handset-it has symbols for each program, and counts down the time for the 3 pre-set programs (10, 15, 20 minutes). The pulsing current is adjustable-I set it on the 20 minute program and set the current at +20. If you are familiar with the electrical current toner, you know what the pulsing feels like. This has that same tingling sensation-and it automatically pulses on and off for 20 minutes. I did try other current settings-basically testing up and down on each side of the face. I also felt a twinge on one of my upper back molars that is crowned-it only lasted a couple of pulses and then was gone. It makes me wonder what that will be like when I gradually increase the current with future use….perhaps use a dental guard?
20 minutes zoomed by-I removed the unit, placed the protectors over the gel pads and put the unit away. The manual says to store in the well crafted storage container the unit came in-I had to laugh because its a hinged cardboard box (and mine was dented across the top).

When I looked in the mirror I actually saw a bit of lifting in the cheek area (wishful thinking?)-but nothing noticeable elsewhere.

In conclusion, I think this unit will work well for me. It is worth the price if it accomplishes what I know electrical current toners can do, and the savings in time alone makes it that much more appealing. 12 weeks 20 minutes a day is very do-able, and then the maintenance 2 to 3 times a week is a breeze. You can use it with facial fillers and Botox-but I haven’t had either so I can’t advise on that part.
BMR is know for their medical experience and muscle stimulating apparatus so I feel safe using this product.
The only drawback is I haven’t found any reference to the neck area being treated, so I guess I’ll have to revert to my old toner for those exercises (thus the 4 stars).
Oh, and they make these units for men too.


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